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Hello, My name is Oleksandr.

I’m from Ukraine.
I like to create websites and I do web development.

The principle of my work: is “to give the customer what he expects. А sometimes – much more expectations”.
The principle of “money at any cost” is unacceptable to me.

I can create websites on WordPress (business cards, landing pages, product catalogs, online stores), support their work, and expand functionality and capabilities. You can see some of the workshere.

I prefer to make a project from scratch, but if you need to redo the project or add new functionality to the working site – I am ready to consider such tasks.

I work officially. I’m a private entrepreneur. I am responsible for meeting deadlines, projects are delivered on time.

Сontact me (contact button below).

More detailed technical information about website development services can be found here.
Find out the prices of website development on WordPress here.

I create sites.

Websites-Business cards, landing pages, product catalogs, online stores.
On WordPress.

I maintain sites.

Scheduled or periodic maintenance of WordPress sites

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