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My name is Oleksandr.

I’m from Ukraine.
I like to create websites and I do web development.

It started with the fact that at one time I figured it out and made a site for my own trading business: an industrial equipment store. The store was engaged in the supply of industrial equipment to enterprises and organizations in Ukraine. I also created and maintain a blog about the store’sproducts: electric motors, pumps, fans, etc.

After Russia started a war against Ukraine, the sale of equipment in our store stopped working. Therefore, the creation and launch of online stores and other sites becomes my main activity for me.

I like to create sites, landing pages, product catalogs, and online stores on WordPress, maintain their operation, and expand functionality and capabilities. You can see some of the workshere.

When I have time – I blog about one of the site-building tools – the Divi theme.

I prefer to do the project from scratch: create the architecture, prototype, and build the backend.

But if you need to rework the finished project or add new functionality to the site – I am ready to consider such tasks.

The principle of my work is: “to provide the customer with what he expects. And sometimes – significantly more expectations.” The principle: “of money at any price” is unacceptable to me.

I work officially, I am responsible for meeting deadlines, and I submit projects on time.

Contact me, I will try to help you. See more about website creation services here.

I create sites.

Online stores, product catalogs, business cards, landing pages,
On WordPress.

I maintain sites.

Planned or periodic maintenance of WordPress sites
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