General description of the PDF Flipbook plugin

Sometimes there is a need to add a pdf file to a website page. It can be a price list, a catalog, or an instruction. By default, WordPress does not have a built-in mechanism for displaying pdf files. Below is a simple and quick way to add a pdf file to a website page and place it so that viewing the file is convenient for the user.

When placing a pdf file on a WordPress site, I recommend using a plugin PDF Flipbook, 3D Flipbook WordPress – DearFlip.

3D Flipbook provides an opportunity to conveniently view PDF files and images on site pages. The plugin can turn flat images and PDF files into interactive and real books (flipbooks). With content display, page flipping, zooming in/out, the ability to download the file to your computer,

The plugin has a basic version and an advanced version. The basic version is free. In the basic version, you can add a pdf file in the form of a flipbook both directly on the page and in a pop-up window (lightbox). Lightbox is recommended for pages with several pdf files.

An example of placing a company’s price listusing the basic version of the plugin is shown below:

An example of placing a price list in pdf format on a website page

The advanced version has pop-up lightboxes (button, link), the ability to follow a link inside a pdf file, the ability to communicate with Google Analytics, and many other improvements. But, in my opinion, in most cases, the functionality of the free version is enough.

I will consider the procedure for working with the plugin to add a pdf file to the site pages.

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Installing the plugin

To install a plugin on a WordPress site: go to the site’s admin panel and select the “Plugins” – > “Add New”. In the keyword search box, type PDF Flipbook.

In the search results, you will see PDF Flipbook, 3D Flipbook WordPress plugin – DearFlip. Install and activate it.

dodaty plahin pdf flipbook
Search results for PDF Flipbook plugin
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How to add a pdf file to a website page

After activation, the plugin creates an additional item in the WordPress dFlip Books administrative menu. In this menu, you can create a new book, where you will need to add a pdf file.

menyu plahinu pdf flipbook
PDF Flipbook plugin menu

When creating a new book, after clicking the “Add New Book” button, you get to the book settings screen. The key thing in the settings is to specify which pdf file to add to the book in the “PDF File” field.

nastroyka knyhy plahin pdf flipbook 1
PDF Flipbook plugin book settings screen

If you will use a pop-up window (lightbox), then in the “PDF Thumbnail Image” option, specify the image that will display the book when you click on it.

After publication, in the “Shortcode” section at the top right, there will be an opportunity to copy the shortcode (shortcode), which can be inserted on any page of the site. The shortcode in the basic version can be of 2 types: for direct display of a pdf file (Normal) and for display in a pop-up window (Thumbnail).

Everything is so simple.

The rest of the tabs on the screen, such as Layout and Outline, allow you to customize the display details and customize the interaction with the file. Such as background color, container dimensions, etc. Try, experiment,

dodatkovi nastroyky knyhy plahin pdf flipbook
Additional settings for the PDF Flipbook plugin
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PDF Flipbook 3D Flipbook WordPress plugin DearFlip is functional enough in the free version to quickly add a pdf file to any page of a WordPress site.

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